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Our Purpose

“We equip leaders working to fulfill the Great Commission for the long-haul.”

Christian leaders are often on the strategic edge of what God is doing in the world. However, their personal desires are frequently overlooked if not ignored beyond their most basic physical needs. Exago’s purpose is fulfilled as it pours its energies into equipping Christian ministry leaders to “survive and thrive.” Though our staff is often sought out to be involved with the training of leaders in ministry praxis, we believe that caring for needs is a crucial first step.

Our mission is achieved through various modes including:

  • Individual ministry leader coaching
  • Consulting/Teaching for local churches and higher educational institutions
  • Partnering with the National Network of Youth Ministries (nnym.org)
  • Member Care for Missionaries serving abroad
  • Partnering with the Center for Mission Mobilization (http://www.mobilization.org/)

We passionately serve leaders/ministries that are seeking to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We seek to come alongside leaders to offer encouragement, while helping them seek refreshment in their personal spiritual walk. Though what their “hands” are doing for Jesus is important…their “head” and their “heart” need to be cared for and encouraged as well.

Our strategy involves a “tool bag” approach, as different leaders and ministries will have unique struggles that often center around challenges that come from:

  • Working with a team
  • Personal failures
  • Spiritual attack
  • Cultural hurdles
  • Funding issue
  • and more…

We can be found ministering in many different contexts including networking, the classroom, online interactions, large group training, and personal visits 1-1 when possible/appropriate. Meanwhile, our combined staff has been involved in higher education at 3 different Christian colleges/universities, and has already informally served missionaries in different mission organizations embedded within Macedonia, Mexico, Haiti, South Africa, United Arab Emirates… and this list is only growing.

How We Serve

Exago equips ministry leaders to “Survive and Thrive” through three primary sharpening modes:

Coaching & Care

Through 1-1 relationships, missionary care, and cohorts that provide growth for individuals’ specific needs.

Networking with a Purpose

Building unity in the Church by ecumenically creating and implementing proven systems to network Christian youth leaders within their own community. We do this through relationships built around praying together, sharing resources, and locking arms in unified local vision to reach teens in their immediate geographic area for Christ.


Via the classroom or retreat seminar format that directly speaks to the shared needs of ministry leaders.
“As Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17


Where does “Exago” come from and what does it mean?

The specific Ancient Greek word Exago is found in the New Testament. It technically means “to lead out/forward while bringing others.” It’s meaning correlates with what we do in helping leaders survive and thrive, while they move forward in building the Kingdom of God.

Is Exago an official non-profit mission’s organization?

Yes. Exago has a tax I.D. # and is registered with the IRS as a 501-C3.

How is Exago ministering locally, nationally, and globally?

  • Exago actively uses interactive platforms to develop, connect, educate, and equip ministry leaders for the long-haul of full-time ministry.
  • We formally partner with the National Network of Youth Ministries, including a special focus on the developing of healthy youth leader networks in the “Heartland” Region of the U.S. A key role we play is in finding and training new leadership to lead at the city and statewide level.
  • We formally partner with the Center for Mission Mobilization by helping lead conferences that are held in many cities around the U.S., and there have been invitations to do it globally.
  • Exago has the opportunity to regularly minister to and coach missionaries that are embedded in different cultures, both through the use of technology and through physical visits.

Does Exago charge for its ministry services?

No, but yes.

No – By and large we are a mission’s organization that depends on a team of faithful contributors to help us serve leaders. Though our ministry is hugely needed, much of what we do is difficult to put a tangible charge on, as it is for the Kingdom of God.

Yes – When an organization or individual leader requests personalized, focused, and professional involvement from Exago for a formal period, there is sometimes an affordable cost element involved. Our leadership sets these amounts with two purposes in mind:

  • The participant(s) receiving our help is more likely to fully engage if there is some sort of monetary exchange that requires their accountability to the entire process.
  • To cover our operational costs in providing the service.

Note that when compared to similar corporate scenarios, our formal consulting, training, and coaching services are offered at a significantly lower cost.

Why does Exago prefer monthly ACH giving via MoGiv?

  • Cost: A smaller fee is charged to the ministry when supporters use their bank account for making gifts when compared to other options.
  • Consistency: The same amounts wished to be given can be drawn at the same time each month, without delays caused by the postal service.
  • Ease: Similar to paying for your water or electricity, it’s nice to have the items taken care of without having to remember to write the check, fill out the envelope, etc.
  • Peace of mind: At one point a regular giver to Exago realized they hadn’t sent a check in over four months. It wasn’t intentional, as they pray for and encourage the ministry regularly. They simply and suddenly realized they had forgotten to sit down to write a check.

Despite those reasons and more, we also realize and understand that some wonderful people still strongly prefer to physically write checks and use postage when they are giving to the Lord via this ministry, as it serves as a personal reminder for them to be in prayer. We honor this, as giving is certainly an act of worship to the Lord.

What if I choose not to set-up any sort of digital giving?

Financial gifts are still welcome via paper checks, and by request we will happily send a “coupon” type book for monthly reminders.

Does Exago use debt to finance its ministry?

No. We are a debt-free ministry, and we don’t even use *credit cards to fund ministry activities. We follow this financial principle because:

  • The borrower is slave to the lender (Proverbs 22:7)
  • We believe God provides for our needs via giving the vision and planning to achieve our goals. This includes funding in advance by keeping team members up-to-date regarding upcoming needs and opportunities to give.

*We do use our “bank check card,” as there is no borrowing or debt involved with using funds already present and budgeted for use.